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V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System

V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System

V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System   V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System

V-maxx big brakes kit 330mm braking system mini r50 r53 r52 convertible. This product sheet has been automatically translated.

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Registration of the new vehicle fields 2.1 and 2.2 registration of the old vehicle the fields for2 - for3. V-maxx big brake kit 330mm braking system brake kit mini r50 r53 r52 cabrio. Enlarge the image with the click of a mouse. V-maxx big brake kit 330mm for front axle (rim size at least: 17 inches) v-maxx autosport is the first manufacturer in the world to offer big brake kits with full legal approval at an affordable price.

The v-maxx large brake kits have been carefully developed by v-maxx itself and are made in the EU from certified parts that meet the specifications of the original equipment. They have a unique and spectacular design with real racing technology, now also for use in road traffic. The v-maxx large brake kits give your vehicle a sporty look with excellent price/performance ratio and absolute safety.

The kits are fully registered and approved for road traffic, making the v-maxx unique on the setting scene. The v-maxx large v-maxx brake kits for the front axle are ready to be assembled and are complete with v-maxx sport brake pads and adapters that have been tested in accordance with the parts certificate to connect the series rubber brake hoses to large red 4-piston aluminum brake stirrups. The kits are well packaged and come in a beautiful and solid multicolored cardboard box with complete and detailed installation instructions. Sport brake kit / ready to install aluminum brake extenders with 4 piston carbon steel brake discs grooved into two floating hubs in ultralight aluminum brake pads high performance racing technology with parts certificate - 100% approved for the road v-maxx sport brake kits are provided with vehicle-specific adapters to which the original rubber brake hoses are attached. Original photo of the goods.

Suitable for the following vehicles: vehicle: bmw mini type: r50 / mini year of construction: 06.01> 12.06 minimum size in inches: 17'' certificate: with certificate of parts diameter of the disc: 330 mm remarks: mini (r50 / r53) all up to 125 kw without works / jcw / mini (r50 / r53) all models max. 125kw off works / jcw.

Vehicle: bmw mini type: mini year of construction: 06.04> 11.07 minimum size in inches: 17''certificate: with certificate of parts disk diameter: 330 mm remarks: mini cabrio (r52) all up to 125 kw without works / jcw / mini cabrio (r52) all max models. Before you buy, pay attention to the restrictions on the vehicle list to find the right spare. If in doubt, please contact us and we will find the right springs for your vehicle. You will find this information in your vehicle registration under the following numbers: manufacturer's number column 2.1 column number 2.2. (islands on request) (all cash shipping costs in advance). Register the seller as a favorite. Bsr erc koni kw bsr erc koni kw nov. Vmaxx, bremsanlage, bremse, sportbremse, sportbremsen. V-maxx steelflex edelstahl bremsschl-unchen, bel-ftet, gelocht. V-maxx big brake kits, vorderachse, va, 330mm, 290mm. Sportbremsenkit, 4 kolben, aluminium, bremss-ttel, vorne. Zweiteilige, geschlitzte carbonstahl, bremsscheiben, bremsbel-ge. Sportbremsscheibe, sportbremsscheiben, burp, burp, bremssattel.

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  1. group: brake kit
  2. reference number oe: vmaxx, braking system, brake, sport brakes, sport brakes
  3. reference number oe6: sports brakes kit,4 piston, aluminum, stirrups, front
  4. reference number oe3: sports brake disc, red, stirrup
  5. reference number oe2: v-maxx steelflex stainless steel brake hoses, ventilated, perforated
  6. malemerk: improved handling
  7. reference number oe1: v-maxx big brakes kits,front axle,front,330mm,290mm
  8. tches: in two parts, split, carbon steel
  9. reference number oe4: in two parts, carbon, brake disc, pads
  10. manufacturer's coin number: 20mn33001
  11. oe5 reference number: brake kit, racing technology
  12. sis motorcycle: 4 aluminum pistons
  13. art: sports brakes kit
  14. carbacterial 2: big brakes kit for the front axle
  15. type: braking system
  16. divers: optimized driving dynamics
  17. fabricant: v-maxx
  18. mark: - unmarked/generic -

V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System   V-maxx Big Brakes Kit 330mm Mini R50 R53 R52 Cabriolet Braking System