Mini One Kit

Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491

Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491

Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491    Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491

Repair kit for BMW mini one cooper r50 R53 midland my GS5 65bh pn bsrk0491. This product page has been automatically translated.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Parts for dsg & dct. Repair kit for BMW mini one cooper r50 R53 midland my GS5 65bh pn bsrk0491. Repair kit for BMW Mini One / Cooper 5-speed, my r50 / R53 midland my gs5-65bh. This sentence contains the following parts.

Bearing, differential left - 38 mm x 63 mm x 17 mm. Rolling, differential right - 38 mm x 63 mm x 17 mm. Bearing, ring main shaft sealing, bottom - 25 mm x 52 mm x 15 mm.

Bearing, seal ring main shaft above - 25 mm x 62 mm x 17 mm. Bearing, main shaft, below - 32 mm x 62 mm x 18 mm. Bearing, main shaft, top - 22 mm x 57 mm x 16.8 mm. Rubber seal, front - 24 mm x 39.5 mm x 55 mm / 57.5 mm. Rubber seal, differential left - 40 mm x 62 mm / 67 mm x 9.9 mm.

Rubber seal, differential right - 36 mm x 58 mm / 63 mm x 9.9 mm / 13.6 mm. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this product or other products! Price includes 19% vat for European Union customers, for customers outside the European Union the price is outside VAT and pay the VAT in your country. All images and content are protected by copyright. Gb shares online part of lbm autoparts.

Gb Online shares was launched in 2015 as an extension of gearchange, a prosperous gearboxes repair company in the heart of Somerset. We offer a wide range of quality products for automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, transfer cases and differentials.

Lbm autoparts acquired gb Online shares in 2018 as a step towards its expansion in Europe. The company and the warehouse were transferred lbm autoparts branches in Germany and Sweden. We have a wide range of parts for manual transmissions, automatic, differential and transfer - all carefully selected suppliers. We also sell complete transmissions and transfer cases.

Our gearboxes are carefully renovated by our company on STM (gearbox and engine svensk) using original parts. The gearboxes are always sold with a warranty of two years / 30,000 km. Our transfer cases are also repaired, reconditioned with original parts and sold with the same warranty. Lbm autoparts is currently represented at two sites in Europe.

Our head office and our warehouse are located in Stenungsund on the west coast of Sweden. A branch is located velten near Berlin with a warehouse and office. We look forward to welcoming you lbm autoparts! Remember, no order is too small. // erik stålebo, CEO of lbm autoparts.

Please contact us for payment by bank transfer. We ship worldwide, except in the UK, russia, israel and the united states. We send the goods with DHL and DHL Express. Our goal is always to ship the product purchased on the same day if purchased before 13:30. We ship your items mainly from our warehouse in Germany, in exceptional cases, you can also receive parts from our warehouse in Sweden. Before installing a piece commissioned spare, the customer must ensure that the received part is the correct version for the vehicle / transmission with which it should be used. This is due to the fact that some rooms have the same design but are available in different versions.

Please ensure that the room is complete and has not been damaged during transport. We assume no costs for installing a defective replacement or damaged in transmission. The manufacturer of the pieces of the set may vary depending on the provider used. It is not certain that it is the manufacturers who see the boxes on the photo. It is important to know that we always use high quality products.

We accept returns within 30 days of purchase, with the exception of electrical components for which we do not accept returns. The customer bears the cost of return. Feel free to ask us questions about returns of the products you have purchased. The product is in new condition. The product is not yet mounted. The original packaging is in good condition. When the product is complete. Returns are not accepted so. The product has been installed in the vehicle.

If the product is not in mint condition. Reparatursatz für Mitsubishi pajero 3.2 did 5gang pn bsrk0836. Juego de reparación para Toyota Corolla 1.4 5gang pn ttbk0011.

Juego de reparación para eje trasero ford transit 2.4 d pn rark0025. Juego de reparación para todos vw modelos 0AG 6gang pn bsrk8891. This list is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologize for the inconvenience. because of the position corona which changes daily, we can not guarantee the time of your order. Please note when ordering and contact us if necessary.

Powered by Frooition all articles categories of the shop about us about us payment shipping terms results about us payment payment shipping shipping transportation costs incl terms terms results returns are accepted if: - the product is when new links more useful items! Gs5-65bh getriebe, GS5 65bh getriebe, r65 midland getriebe. The item ransmission \ gearboxes, accessories \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.

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    Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491    Repair Kit For Bmw Mini One Cooper R50 R53 Midland My Gs5 65bh Pn Bsrk0491